“Christmas with a Capital C”

This holiday season I have had a hard time getting myself into the spirit of Christmas. I don’t know what it is about this year that has me stumped but I just haven’t been as excited as I usually am.

In an effort to get myself into the spirit I have been slowly decorating my house, listening to music, and searching for new movies on Netflix that I have never seen before.

Tonight while feeding T I found a movie called “Christmas with a Capital C.” It is most definitely a religious film, but I suppose that is what I loved the most about it. I’m not usually a fan of movies that “preach” at you, but I think that Christmas is a time when we can use a reminder of why we are celebrating.

Here’s the trailer for the movie.

Long story short, it got me thinking. There are a lot of people doing 25 days of kindness for the Christmas season. What if we took it one step farther and made it 25 days of focusing on why we celebrate the holiday in the first place?

I know some of you don’t believe in Christ, and if that is the case, I encourage you to go ahead and do 25 days of kindness. Find 25 people who you can pour some love on. It will do you and the world some good.

But if you are a follower of Christ, then I urge you to take it a step farther and use it as an opportunity to share Christ with the people who you extend kindness to.

Attach a tag, in the shape of a capital C (as the little girl does in the movie) and include a verse. Something simple, and unobtrusive. Don’t use your words, or fight the people around you about religion. Use your actions. And hopefully, “they will know that we are Christians by our love.”



*If you do decide to join me on this 25 day journey, please share with me what you do. I would love to see pictures or hear stories of the kinds of things you do, and how people respond. I hope that it brings you and the people around you many many blessings this holiday season!

**I found this blog with some great printables and ideas on how to put this into action. Great minds think alike!

2 thoughts on ““Christmas with a Capital C”

  1. Kyra says:

    Wow! This is perfect timing! Ever since last year I’ve been thinking about that a lot. That many people forget why they are celebrating in the first place. So I decided to make a virtual advent calendar on my blog to help remind me of why I celebrate Christmas. It’s mostly for me, but I hope I can touch the lives of my loved ones as well, at least in some small way. 🙂 Thanks again for sharing!

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