Linky Link! Christmas edition #1

Its been awhile since I shared some of my favorite blogs with you. This week I want to share with you some posts that I have recently found that are perfect as you get yourself into the holiday spirit. These blogs not only have creative ideas for decorating, baking, and creating but also have fun ideas for creative gifts for everyone on your list.


1. These adorable metal stars are created using cheap disposable cake pans and some paint! I am so in love with these stars and keep seeing them popping up all around base. Nike at Choose to Thrive shows the simple steps to turning an inexpensive item into an adorable Christmas ornament. While there be sure to check out all her other creative but frugal ideas.2. I don’t have a Silhouette. But this project is far to cute not to share. I imagine it could easily be done by hand making the old-fashioned boxes like we used to make in Girl Scouts. You could probably even use old Christmas cards to keep it cheap and festive.

3. These felt ornaments by Dana from Made are perfect for spots on the tree where little hands can reach. The tutorial is for monogrammed ornaments but with Christmas cookie cutters or simple online images you could easily expand to anything you can imagine!

4. For those who think they aren’t crafty, here is a tutorial from Calli at Make it Do on how to cut beautiful paper snowflakes. Use felt and you have a more permanent option.

5. I found this goodie on my pinterest. (Have I mentioned recently how much I love pinterest?) I have always loved the vases filled with holiday ornaments but never wanted to pay the cost to get enough to fill it. This is a genius idea that comes from Kathy at Dandelions and Dustbunnies. Now I just need to hit up the dollar spot…


First, let me say that I love wreaths! There are so many options out there and so many ways to personalize them. Second, I know that technically wreaths are decor, but with all the wonderful wreaths out there to make I hated to try to stuff them into the decor section. So here’s 5 of my favorites.

1. I first saw the link for this wreath on Little Birdie Secrets, which is one of my favorite crafting websites. The tutorial is found on Eddie Ross‘s blog. I love the idea! This year I saw them at Target for about $20. So if you are not crafty, or simply don’t want to make your own wreath, you can still get a relatively inexpensive, interesting wreath that is nothing like your “mama’s” evergreen wreath.

2. Also from Little Birdie Secrets is this star wreath. She uses scrapbooking paper but I imagine that you could use the tutorial from Choose to Thrive above to make the stars so that it could be more weatherproof.

3. Not exactly a wreath, but this door decoration is beautiful and would be perfect for the whole winter season. Nike at Thrive is truly a genius!

4. This modge podge wreath by Heather of Whipperberry would not be the best outdoors but it is so gorgeous I can’t help but include it. Can you believe this is made out of paper? Perhaps using fabric and starch it would work on the front door?

5. This simple wreath by Going Sew Crazy doesn’t have a tutorial but I think it would be easy enough to duplicate. Plus, there are tons of color options.

That’s all for tonight. Stay tuned for more Christmas links, as promised.

4 thoughts on “Linky Link! Christmas edition #1

  1. Kyra says:

    I follow some of those sites too! I was just talking with my sister-in-law about how there is so much inspiration for Christmas ornaments and decor out there. It’s awesome. I love the ideas for the unbreakable ornaments, seeing as how I will have to experiment with that this year. 🙂

    • adaynasmile says:

      Hey Kyra,
      I’m actually sewing some felt ornaments. The boys have their own little tree in the living room that is set on a small table. I cut out some felt shapes using cookie cutters as patterns and have been using embroidery thread to stitch them together with stuffing in the center. Simple and cute! I’ll share pics when they are done. 🙂

      (And the thrive site I found through you. 🙂 )

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