“Great Day for a White Wedding”

*Warning: This blog is super full of amazing pictures! 🙂

My brother would probably kill me for using a Billy Idol song in the title of a blog about his wedding. But I couldn’t help myself! It just seems so perfect.

Right now I am sitting at my mom’s computer. It feels so odd in comparison to my laptop. I’m a mac girl and this is a pc. 😉 But I wanted to take a few minutes to share with you some of the wonderful photos that I took at my brother’s wedding on Saturday.

There were so many cute little touches at the wedding. My brother even composed the processional.

And even though it was windy and overcast, it was the perfect day for a wedding simply because it was a day when we were able to gather together to share in the happiness that we feel about the joining of two wonderful people in marriage.

Hope you enjoy!

The wedding took place at a local farm. Here is the charming sign greeting us as we approached the building.

The seating chart got its own pumpkins.

Picnic tables for the reception. There is a pool in the background and a pool house where the cake and drinks were. On the right you can see the “dance floor.”

Our table. Love the mason jars (for drinks), and the cute little honey jars. You can only kind of see the little “Forget me not” seed packets tucked under the napkin.

My kiddos didn’t sit at the kids table because they are too small but the boys each got a coloring book and honey stick. There were other kids who were happily coloring away as we waited for the wedding party to take their pictures.

At the kids table was this charming bucket of pinwheels and colored pencils. I am pretty sure the pinwheels were handmade using scrapbooking paper.

The dance floor. And free flipflops!

Probably my favorite idea.

The beautifully simple cake.

The bride’s bouquet. The ribbons in the background were attached to dowels with a little bell. When the bride and groom walked down the aisle after the ceremony we shook them instead of rice or bubbles.

Bridesmaid bouquet. The mom’s, and grandparents also had flowers that matched.

And now for pictures of the PEOPLE of the wedding!

You may kiss the bride!” Wedding party. On the right is my brother’s best friend. They have been friends since 1st grade. The bride chose to have her sister and best friend. (I have very few pictures of the ceremony because I was in the back nursing. My mom didn’t know my camera but still got some good shots. This is my favorite.)

My absolute favorite (that I took) of the bride and groom. (And you can see the yummy Quiche and crème Brule french toast we had at the brunch in front of the bride.)

First dance.

With my grandparents, who have been married 56 years this December. May we all have such long and happy marriages.

Cutting the cake.

And photos of my family…

T all dressed up in his suit. I love this picture of him.

My handsome little S.

Not the best family photo but here we are, before the wedding.

My sister and her boyfriend.

My mom.

My brother and his wife.

Mom with my brother.

My wonderful grandparents.

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