The Flip Cover and Flat Diapers

A couple of nights ago I wrote a post about the Flip Diaper. Tonight I want to continue talking about the Flip. I promise that I have some great tutorials on the way. I’m still working on them and taking pictures. So if diapers aren’t your thing, stay tuned for some more great creative posts, coming soon!

Recently I discovered an economical option for filling my diaper covers. Although my Flip diapers came with several inserts (that are wonderful! More on them later.), I wanted another method for when they are all dirty, and something that was lightweight and easy to pack.

When I started cloth diapering, my mom bought me some prefolds from Babies R Us. Although I love the concept of prefolds, this particular brand is not very absorbent and, after only a few months, are already starting to fall apart. Call me disappointed!

For those of you who don’t know what prefolds are, they are made out of a cotton called Birdseye and have three panels. The middle panel is thicker than the outer two, adding absorbency. When folded and put over the baby, this is the part that holds the most liquid.

The prefolds are what most of our parents and grandparents know about cloth diapering. They would pair them with plastic pants, which are cheap and still available. I used them at first and still have them as back ups. They are not the best option but they do fit nicely into the diaper bag. With two kids in cloth diapers, its nice to have an option that is so compact.

Back to the Flip. I found that the Flip was a great alternative to these cheap plastic pants. They are easier to use, still lightweight, more durable, breathable, and just plain cuter! But the prefolds need some revamping to be usable. They were not an option for filling in my needs for when my inserts are dirty or when I need something to throw in the diaper bag.

That’s when I discovered these.

I had read about flats in several different places. I had also read something about flour sack towels being an alternative. To be honest, I had never heard of such a towel. But I was intrigued.

I found the white ones at Walmart. They were 2 for $1.97 or 5 for $5.99. Silly, right? If I bought them in 2 packs then I would get them for a dollar a piece while the 5 pack made them more than that. The colored ones (aren’t they fun?) I got at Target. They were $3.99 for 3 of them. They did have a pack of white ones that were $3.99 for 4 (working out to $1 a piece again) but I really loved the colored ones. There was a white one also in each pack not shown here. They both have stripes on them that go with the colors of the other towels in the pack.

I have to admit I like the Target ones better. For two reasons. One, they are more fun. Two, they are a bit larger. The ones from Walmart are 28″ X 29″, making them not quite square. The ones from Target are 30″ X 30″. Not a huge difference but I like the couple of extra inches. And I like that Target’s are square.

I do use the flat folds on their own when we are around the house, and I use them under the plastic pants but using them in the Flip is so much easier! You don’t have to know any fancy folds to put them into the cover, and they are trim, but still absorbent.

Here’s how I use them in my Flip covers. (Note that I use 2. I use a white sandwiched in the orange. This increases the absorbency but is not necessary with all babies. S needs it. T doesn’t.)

As you can see it is simple and pretty trim. It’s a great option for those who have a cover and don’t want to spend a lot on inserts. Just check the kitchen section of your favorite discount store.

(I have heard you can get these towels at dollar stores but at a dollar a piece at the discount stores I don’t know if its worth the extra trip. But if you are headed to the dollar store anyway, check it out. Compare the size and how much the price per unit is. Dollar stores aren’t always a good deal.)

Happy diapering!




Note: I am not indorsing any one brand. I am simply reviewing the products that I have experience with and what works for me. Try different options and figure out what works best for you and your family.

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