Flip Hybrid Diapers

I’m super excited because I got a big box of diapers in the mail today. I ordered several of Cottonbabies’ Flip diapers. I love the covers because they are very durable, dependable, and seem comfortable on my boys. The inserts are great because they are soft and hold a lot of liquid. And I can use anything in the covers I want, allowing for adjustment of absorption.

My favorite style is still the pocket diaper (more to come later) but when we are running errands I don’t like carrying extra pocket diapers in the diaper bag. And although convenient, I’m not a fan of the plastic pants.

The Flip covers offer a perfect solution. They are lightweight and easy to throw in the diaper bag. Even better I generally don’t have to change the cover with every change and can simply change the inserts.

I’ve used a variety of inserts in these covers. I love the stay dry that came with my original cover. It works well in the pocket diapers also if necessary. I also like the disposable option although my boys go through one like it’s nothing so I end up using it mostly as a liner.

I have not tried the organic option, however, I have used my own prefolds, fitted, and flat diapers successfully. Flat diapers (or flour sack towels), a snappi (for my wigglers but it’s not really necessary), and a cover are my favorite options for on the go.

In a few weeks we will be off to Tucson. It’s a long flight. I am looking forward to really testing these covers out. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes and any tricks or tips I discover on the way.





Note: Cottonbabies did not compensate me for my review. This is purely my personal opinion based upon my experiences with my own children. Each baby is unique and has unique needs. Although these diaper work and fit well on my babies, they may not on others. Make sure that if you are going to use cloth diapers that you check out a variety of different options before investing in one type.

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