{Tutorial}: Recipe Clipboard

These days most of the recipes that I use are either printed off the internet, are handwritten, or texted from a friend. I rarely dig out my cookbooks (with 2 exceptions).

I needed a way to post my recipe where it is at eye-level and out of my way. I was also in need of a way to keep the pesky sauces, grease, etc off of the recipes so that I can read them long enough to complete the dinner. With two little guys and a husband papers are lucky to survive a few minutes, let alone the time it takes to cook dinner or bake.

And so the recipe clipboard was born. It takes only a few supplies, and about 30 minutes (plus time for the glue to dry).


*Left over scrapbook paper

*Modge Podge (you can make your own with white glue and water)

*A plain wood clipboard

*Page protector


1. Make sure that the clipboard is free of stickers or any gunk.

2. Tear up your leftover scrapbook paper into different sizes.

3. Using the Modge Podge cover the clipboard with the scrapbook paper.

4. Seal the scrapbook paper with a layer of Modge Podge over the entire clipboard.

5. Wait for it to dry. Tuck your recipe in the page protector and tuck it under the clip of the clipboard. Get to cooking!

My clipboard has a little metal piece with a hole in it that works perfectly for hanging. I have a nail that is in the perfect spot for my clipboard to hang while I do my cooking. This little clipboard has been a life recipe saver!


I love to hear what you are thinking!

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