Fluffy Love

I have fallen in love with cloth diapers!

I know that sounds silly. How can you fall in love with something used to contain human excrement?

But seeing how happy my little guys are with the padding on their butts, how dry they stay, and how much healthier their little tushes are, I can’t help but be in love with the thing that has made it happen.

When I started researching cloth diapers I became very overwhelmed by all the different types that are available. This week I want to share with you some of the websites that have provided me with the most helpful information. Maybe it will urge you to explore all the goodness of a “fluffy” tush!

1. Clothdiaperblog contains information on anything and everything cloth diaper related. You can also find giveaways, tips on being “green,” a place to buy diapers, and many other goodies.

Cloth Diaper Blog

2. The Cloth Diaper Whisperer is another great all-in-one website. I have learned a lot from other moms who have contributed to the greatness of this blog. It is also where I found some great deals on diapers. If you contribute a blog post or buy diapers from their site you can accumulate points towards free diapers.

The Cloth Diaper Whisperer

3. Connected to The Cloth Diaper Whisperer is Kellywels.com. Kelly wrote a book (that I want) all about diapering with modern cloth diapers. Her website offers valuable information, a glimpse at her book, and giveaways.


4. The Real Diaper Association is working towards educating people about cloth diapers. Parts of their website might seem a bit extreme but I found a plethora of information about “real” versus disposable diapers and the damage the disposables are doing to our kids and our world.

5. It may seem cliché but I have connected with and learned a lot via other cloth diapering moms on facebook. There are a number of groups who are passionate about cloth and eager to share that passion with the world. I connected with some of those moms early on and it was through them that I was able to find good deals on my first diapers.

3 thoughts on “Fluffy Love

  1. Cahleen says:

    I’ve got the fluffy love too! My little one doesn’t have a butt, and his clothes actually fit better with a cloth diaper. He needs something to hold his pants up! I just figured out how to get hot water to our washing machine (most people don’t use hot water for clothes here, but I got a hose that goes from my kitchen sink to my washing machine on the balcony, yay!), I think I’m going to try and work up the nerve to do cloth at night too. If I can just figure out how to cloth diaper at night, and find a rash cream that can be used with cloth diapers, we can be completely disposable free. I’m going to try and work up the nerve to do cloth from day 1 with my next LO, I didn’t start with J until he was about 5 months.

    • adaynasmile says:

      We started when T was about 5 months old. I wish that we had started earlier. We will definitely cloth diaper from day 1 with our next. I don’t want to ever have to pay for disposables again! The funny part is,for us, cloth diapering at night has actually been better than using disposables. There are still mornings when S wakes up wet but usually his ketones are up which causes him to pee more than usual.

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