Cloth Wipes

When we made the switch to cloth diapers a couple of months ago, I never thought I would also make the switch to cloth wipes. I mean, who wants to have to deal with either buying or making a wipe solution, and the extra work that would go into using cloth wipes.

Surprisingly, I found that cloth wipes are actually easier than the disposable ones! They go straight into the diaper pail with the dirty diapers. I have found a recipe for the solution that has worked wonders on my boys’ bums, and I have been able to use things around the house to make my own wipes.

The first batch of wipes that I made utilized flannel and a terry cloth towel. I liked the softness that came with the flannel but the terry cloth quickly got too scratchy. I also made them the same size as a disposable wipes container, but found that they are really too small to handle anything more than a small wet area. They do work perfectly in the diaper bag because they are smaller.

Then I discovered that I had some baby wash clothes that were nice and soft, and thin. These are ones that were given to me at the birth of my first son and worked wonderfully when my boys were brand new but were quickly too thin for my liking.

I loved them as wipes! They are soft, the perfect size, and work well for cleaning my little guys’ bums.

But I need more. The 5 that I have on hand was not enough. Even combined with the other wipes I made I have been constantly running out of wipes and forced to rely on the disposables that we have left over. But it is too much money to buy more wash clothes or to order some cloth wipes from one of the diaper companies. So, I have begun to create my own.

I dug through our collection of blankets and discovered that I have some wonderful flannel receiving blankets on hand. Some of them have never even been used! Now I am in the process of turning those wonderful little flannel blankets into soft durable wipes.

Keep checking back in the next couple of days (not sure when since my boys are both sick) for pictures and a tutorial. I’ll also be sharing my recipe for a wipe spray. The spray works wonders, even if you use disposable wipes! It smells marvelous and has soothing properties in it. I’ll also be sharing my techniques for cleaning diapers, especially those icky ones that are so dreaded.


2 thoughts on “Cloth Wipes

    • adaynasmile says:

      I’d be happy to! I’m still figuring it all out but I would be more than happy to share what I’ve learned. S is a heavy wetter so he is far more tricky than little T. Its been interesting figuring out how to accommodate the different needs for the two boys.

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