Website Wednesday: Handmade Christmas Gifts Edition

Do you realize that Christmas is fast approaching? As in 2 months, 2 weeks, and 6 days?

Just about this time every year, when the stores are preparing for Fall, and stocking their shelves with Halloween goodies, when all the children are thinking about candy and costumes, and when parents are beginning to get concerned with where to trick or treat and the dangers that can ensue, I begin to think about Christmas. What kinds of gifts am I going to make for my loved ones? How much money do I need to set aside for each person? How can I make it as personal as possible?

This year is no exception, except that it will be my first away from my extended family. And so, this year, I am not only thinking about how to make it the most economical, and personal, but I am also thinking about what can ship the best.

As I ponder this, here are 5 websites that I have come across for inspiration. (Nothing has been decided yet, so don’t worry about ruining the surprises by reading the rest of the post.) For more ideas and links, be sure to check out my pinterest.


Although not specifically for Christmas, this box is filled with fun, theme filled items. The wheels can easily start turning from the items and ideas that come in this box!

I love Martha Stewart’s webpage. It is always filled to the brim with thousands of wonderful handmade ideas. It is no exception when Christmas rolls around. Here is a link to many different handmade gifts for anyone on your list.

This is the 12 days of Christmas pack from 2010 but there is also one from 2009. It looks like she will soon be posting one for this year as well. Although you have to pay for the tutorial, there are plenty of ideas just thumbing through the pictures.

These are some of my favorite ideas for gifts that will package well. There are so many yummy recipes available! It would be hard to decide on just a few!

Advent Calendars are a fun part of Christmas traditions. One idea is to create an advent calendar, fill it with goodies, and send it off before Thanksgiving. Then family members will think of you every day as they open each gift of the calendar.

I love to hear what you are thinking!

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