Homemade Cloth Diapers

Tonight with the sounds of Mystery Science Theater 3000: Hamlet playing in the background (Oh Netflix! What random junk will you have us watching next?) I took some time to print, and cut out some cloth diaper patterns. Meanwhile the laundry machine is running as I prep the diapers that I bought from a wonderful woman I connected with on base.

I’m super excited about the new diapers. Here are the diapers that I got. She gave me a great deal! I got this pack (exactly) in size Large, plus a wet bag (black and white, one of my fave color combinations) for $30! Brand new! I am so grateful! Now if only I could find more deals like that…

Now I am using a mix of old receiving blankets and other materials that I have on hand to whip up some diapers using a few of the patterns from online. Tonight I printed and cut this pattern, and this pattern, along with this one. (I blogged about these yesterday.)

The last one, by Dana Made It, may not work with cloth diapers. We’ll see. But I really like the fact that I can make it with some sort of plastic and it might be a lot thinner than the Rita’s Rump Cover.

Now I just need to finish cutting out and taping together the Rump Cover pattern, and pick the fabric. And tomorrow we will get to see how S deals with a day in cloth diapers. I’ll keep you updated on how all of it goes.

(PS. We had our first real blow out. It was disgusting! But it really didn’t make any more of a mess than a disposable diaper would have. Cleaning it wasn’t fun but it wasn’t horrible either. There probably are better ways than swishing in the toilet but it worked alright for me. You kinda get over most of the grossness after being a mom for a while anyway…)

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