Wonderful Website Wednesday

I love the internet! I know there are some perverted things on it but it also a whirlwind of wisdom. From craft ideas, to medical information, to other people’s experiences…its amazing the things you can find on the internet!

Lately I have become obsessed with the website http://pinterest.com/. I love being able to share the wonderful websites that I have discovered with other people and to learn from the ones that they have discovered. This has kept me entertained for hours!

Today I want to share with you 5 of my favorite crochet websites. These are sites that have provided me with inspiration and reminded me of the various stitches. Hopefully those of you who are “hookers” will find your own inspiration and maybe learn a new stitch or two from these sites.

1. Attic 24’s Springtime Wreath

This beautiful wreath is just one of her many projects. Although I have played with some of her directions (be aware that the directions need to be altered as they are written for the UK), I have yet to try this wonderful pattern.

2. Magic Rings by PlanetJune

Need directions on how to make a ring with a closed center? Look no farther! PlanetJune has an easy to follow tutorial on how to make these “magic” rings.

3. Shell Stitch Beanie by Dainty Daisy

Isn’t this model precious? It is hard not to want to duplicate a pattern that adorns such a beautiful little baby. Even though I don’t have girls, I really want to try this pattern out.


4. Crochet Butterflies from Little Birdie Secrets

Another website that I absolutely love. Combine that with my love for butterflies and we have a perfect combination.


5. Granny Stripe Blanket by The Purl Bee

I am in love with this blanket for its simplicity. It seems like such a simple pattern that would be quick to finish. While you are checking it out, make sure to check out some of her other wonderful patterns.

One thought on “Wonderful Website Wednesday

  1. Krystal Harris says:

    Whoot I love pintrest too! and I need to learn how to crochet because you can make so many thing with it (a lot more then knitting well smaller things) Miss you and wishing we could craft together!

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