I decided that it was time to merge my old blogs into one. It was just too much of a challenge to keep up with all of my various blogs. So here is my attempt at a streamlined blog, containing all the things that matter the most to me.

First off, let me give you an idea of where I want to head with this blog. There are three categories that I want to include.

1) Family–I want a way to share all the glorious experiences that I have with my wonderful family, including those adorable pictures. If you know my family, please restrain from including my little guys’ names in the comments. I will stick to calling them “S” and “T” to protect their privacy (at least minimally).

2) Creativity–Here is where I want to share with you all of my creative endeavors. It could be a how-to, pictures of something I have done that I am proud of, ideas that are running through my brain, or previews of things that are coming available for sale. Also, included here will be recipes and other food ideas.

3) Links–Finally a place to display all the wonderful ideas I find online and share them with you! I do have a pinterest account (check it out!) but this would be an opportunity to display the ideas I find, journal about them, and link them up with creations I have made due to inspirations found online.

I hope that you join me on this new journey! Feel free to help me as I create a new formula that is as easy to read, and follow, as possible.


I love to hear what you are thinking!

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