Swaddling Blankets and the Cricut

So I haven’t really ventured into any of my crafts lately. Been trying to take care of a sick baby and deal with the joys of being in the first trimester of pregnancy. Between appointments, cuddling, keeping the house in (somewhat) order, cooking, and crouching over the toilet (or sink with garbage disposal–don’t worry I wash it afterwards) I haven’t had time or the desire to do any crafting. Which is a shame.

But now I am pondering two new things (on top of Christmas and the crocheting and other projects I’ve got going). The first is how to make swaddling blankets that are lightweight (as in more breathable than flannel which makes S sweat really bad). The concept isn’t hard. Take a piece of fabric, cut a large square, and hem the edges. The question is in regards to what fabric to use. I have no idea what fabric would work well and yet be really breathable. I also don’t know what size to make them. I want them to be big enough for my growing boy to be swaddled in for the next few months. He still has three months before he hits 6 months and I want to swaddle him at least that long.

The second thing I am pondering is how to connect letters on my Cricut. I didn’t know it was possible until Nenna was telling me about a friend of hers who has one and was able to connect words. Now I am puzzled as to how to do this. It would make my creations so much better because with it all as one connected word I would be able to use my sticker maker more easily and it would make the letters much more accessible. It would also help with my card making. I have some Christmas cards that I made last year but it would be nice to be able to make some more. Maybe I could make some to sell? Hmmm…that’s a thought.

Anyway, if you have any answers to these ponderings I would love the insight. If not I will keep searching online until I figure it out. And hopefully I will be able to continue crafting. šŸ™‚

One thought on “Swaddling Blankets and the Cricut

  1. Cahleen Hudson says:

    We're hardcore swaddlers over here (although we've just been doing Jonathan's arms and have been leaving the legs open since he was about 4 months), and because we live in hot, humid Taiwan I recently had to figure this out myself. We love the nice and big 100% muslin swaddle blankets from Aden & Anais!


    They're expensive, but I bet you could make your own easily! I bought 2 that I rotate when we were in the U.S.

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