S is here!

So I’ve been a bit behind because of S’s birth. Trying to get settled into life with a new baby. Things have been a bit more complicated than expected because I am not producing enough milk to breast feed and S lost a lot of weight the first few days of his life. He’s fine. But we had to start supplementing with formula, pumping, and making sure that he is getting enough to eat. Its made for a few emotional days but it has helped with the crying that we were experiencing when we first got him home from the hospital. Tomorrow a lactation nurse (who is also a base nurse who has done home consultations with us during the pregnancy) is coming over to help with the breast feeding. Hopefully my milk will come in better so that I can actually be able to breast feed my baby.

Anyway, I am waiting for the hospital pictures to come in so that I can finish the announcements. My mom is coming on Saturday for two weeks and is planning on helping me get the house organized. Then Aaron’s parents are coming for two weeks. Its going to be a crazy time, so chances are I will not be doing much in the crafting arena for a bit. Not until things start to settle a bit. But I have several projects in mind that didn’t get done before S’s birth, that I am looking forward to tackling once things settle into a routine. So stay tuned for more to come in a month or so. 🙂

I love to hear what you are thinking!

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