Idina’s Leash Part II

I finished Idina’s leash today. The biggest trick was how to take the head piece and make it tight when its on but have it still be loose, like I made it, to get over her head. Solution was to make a little crochet ball and a single crochet hoop to loop over it. I finished the leash part, and made flowers to add decoration to it. The pictures don’t do it justice. Need to try to retake them in the daylight, I guess. But Idina was excited when I put it on. She was ready for a walk! Good sign. We’ll try it out tomorrow morning.

Idina sporting her new leash:
Idina in her crochet leash
The whole leash, all finished:
Idina's finished leash
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Monday, April 26: Idina and I have been using the new leash the last few days and she loves it! Its bigger than the other one so it allows her to have a little more room in the legs, and I made it longer so it allows her to explore just a bit more than the other one did. There are a few things I would do differently if I make another one but I’m so glad it was a success. 🙂

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