Idina’s Leash Part I

I love getting things for my little doggy because she always gets so excited about them. I wanted a new leash for her but knew that we don’t have the money to get something like that which is unnecessary. However, I do have a nice collection of random yarns and I do know how to crochet. So I decided to try to create my own halter leash. I haven’t figured out how to tighten the head part once it is on and I haven’t finished it but I made progress tonight. Here are the two pieces that I have so far. The halter is finished (minus the tightening method) and the leash part is almost finished. I want to add flowers to it when I am done tucking in the ends and everything. So stay tuned for the finished product. 🙂

Here it is next to the original leash (yes, it is a bit bigger than the original):
 Idina's leash
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