Winter Wonderland?

I wanted to make Aaron a scarf for Christmas, but with the move and everything it didn’t quite happen as planned. Shortly after moving to Delaware we went to Michael’s to pick out some yarn so that I could start making one.

I did get part of it done in time for the second round of snowstorms but Aaron decided he wanted it to be a lot thicker, and that required more yarn. I went to the store sometime after the snowstorms cleared and was able to pick up some more yarn.

But it had warmed up quite a bit by that point. And my wrists (which ache at times anyway) were causing me to be in too much pain to crochet. So the scarf got put aside and was only about a third of the way done.

Tonight I decided it was time to finish it. Just in time for shorts, tank tops, and swim suits. Oh well. At least he will have it when the first snow storm hits next year or the first really cold night. And I feel good in having FINALLY accomplishing what I had set out to do.

I made it extra long so that he can wrap it around his neck a couple times. The color of red is a bit darker than it looks in the picture (its the same color as our couch, lol!). I used a basic double crochet stitch. Nothing fancy. Three rows and then I switched colors.   Weaved in the ends and here’s the results.

Aaron's red and black scarf

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One thought on “Winter Wonderland?

  1. Nenna Read says:

    Hey girly-great job on the scarf! And Idina's leash is really coming along. I see where you got your inspiration. Keep up the great work!

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