Thinking of you…

A friend of mine sadly lost her daughter last week. Bridget was 21 years old and had major health issues, including a mental disorder. Basically she was a three year old trapped in an adult’s body. Over the years my friend had struggled to take care of her daughter, reaping the benefits of loving on her, and dealing with the heartache of all the set backs. Bridget was about to graduate from high school through the special education program this May.

I don’t know all the details of what led up to her death. I do know that she was having breathing difficulties. I also know that no matter what caused the death, it was tragic. Maybe not as much for Bridget who is now in Heaven with God, and who is now without pain or suffering, but for the loved ones that she left behind. Being across the country has made it hard for me, as I can’t go to my friend and comfort her. My mother has been in contact with her (they are also friends) and has sent my condolences, but I really wanted to send her a little handmade card to show my love. Its not complicated but hopefully it will bring a smile to my friend’s face and let her know that she is loved, even from across the country.

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