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Polyvore: A Tutorial Part 3

Have you had a chance to set up an account? And play around with Polyvore? Did you make any creations? I hope that you did!

Today I am going to take you through a few steps to make your graphic AMAZING!

Are you ready?

polyvore main page


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Polyvore: A Tutorial Part 2

Did you get a chance to check out Polyvore and set up an account? If you need help on getting started make sure you check out the first part of my tutorial. It will get you a quick glimpse of the site and some of the options available. Today we are going to get started in actually creating a graphic.

polyvore main page


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Polyvore: A Tutorial Part 1

Pinterest has been all the rage for the last few years. And there is a good reason for it. Its fun to “pin” all those great ideas that you find when wasting time surfing the internet! And to be able to easily share them with all your friends? And spend hours organizing them into the perfect folders? What could be a better way to organize all those things you will probably never try at home?

I joke, as I too have been known to spend hours pinning things to my pinterest account. Recently I deleted just about everything and started fresh. It felt good to not have so much clutter on my boards. But I still love to use it as a place to store things that I want to come back to. Ideas that I think are genius. Hairstyles I love. Quotes that make me smile. Whatever makes me smile.

About a month or so ago my awesome friend Krystal told me about a site called Polyvore that she had been using to find really fun graphics for her Jamberry business. (By the way, are you in need of a consultant for your own Jamberry products? Check out her Facebook here!) I was intrigued and wanted to check it out so that I could make some graphics to use for my Lilla Rose Facebook parties.

Since then I have been playing on Polyvore a lot! I have so much fun making great graphics that can be used for a variety of different purposes and sharing them with my fellow Lilla Rose consultants. Several of them (YOU!) have asked how I make them. So I thought I would walk you through how I make a graphic on polyvore.

polyvore main page

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July 26 2014 at the beach for blog


Five Minute Friday: FINISH

Every week a group of bloggers write for 5 minutes on a single topic and then link up together. For several years Lisa Jo Baker has hosted this writing on her blog. Starting August 8th it is going to be moving. But the spirit of the blogging will continue.

Although I only contribute on a hit and miss basis, I have been in love with the concept of 5 minute Friday, knowing that at least once a week I can come to a place to find a topic that is shared by hundreds of others, and I can delve into writing with very little thinking or planning. Simply what flies off of my fingertips.

If you are interested in participating, make sure to follow the link and check out what other bloggers have posted. And follow us as we make the transition to a new host!

Five Minute Friday




Its hard to finish things.

Sometimes finishing means that you have to leave something behind that you love. Something that you don’t want to leave behind.

We are about ready to finish another adventure.

As part of the military, we go where we are sent. Sometimes that means that we go to someplace fun while my husband is doing a training. And sometimes it means that we move to a place for several years that we really don’t want to live at.

We’ve loved living here.

We moved here in February. It was cold and snowy when we left Delaware. What a relief we felt getting to Mississippi to the sun, the warmth (it was in the 60s-70s!) and the water! But even getting here we knew it would be short lived.

And now, as July finishes up, and October quickly approaches, we prepare ourselves for our next step. To finish this short chapter of our lives.

We look forward to the new chapter. Finishing isn’t always a bad thing.

We are going to miss the water. The beach has been fun to visit and the water warm enough to play in.

I am going to miss the thunder storms. I love thunder storms! And the amount that we get here is far greater than any I have ever experienced.

We will miss the Hard Rock. Silly but my boys just love the “Guitar Restaurant.”

But its okay.

We will soon finish with our life here in Mississippi. But it will only mark the beginning of our life in Saint Louis!

July 26 2014 at the beach for blog

And just as a reminder, the Mystery Hostess party is still going on via Facebook.

Mystery Hostess Party Graphic

We will be playing games and drawing a winner for the Hostess rewards on Wednesday, July 30th. Make sure to check it out and get your order in before Wednesday to qualify for the rewards.



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Five Minute Friday: Bloom and MYSTERY HOSTESS

I’m linking up to Lisa Jo Baker’s 5 Minute Friday (on Monday).

Five Minute Friday


This week’s prompt is BLOOM. Make sure to head over to her page to check out what other people have written this week!



I watch him run in front of me. The little feet pitter pattering as he goes farther and farther away.

“I beat you mommy!”

“Yes, baby, you did. You are so much faster than me!”

And I can’t believe that he was once a 18 month old who couldn’t even walk.

Even the baby has bloomed so much! He climbs the stairs, and runs after his brothers. Faster down the hall than you could imagine! And I chase him in an effort to corral him towards his bedroom.

They still need me. I’m still their mama. But they have bloomed so much. Continue reading